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I'm ashamed to say this, but I hid them from my family – in the closet.
- Shelly M. (Los Angeles, CA)

I cut them into little slivers so I could eat them slowly and make them last longer.
- Garth D. (Los Angeles, CA)

J. loved the cookies. He almost ate the whole bag himself. I had to lie to him and tell him they were all gone. 
- Chelsea W. (Phoenix, AZ)

Deeeelishious. It’s like a chocolate explosion in your mouth. 
- Justin P. (Los Angeles, CA)

Loved them!! Finally a product that I can really enjoy with this frustrating diagnosis!
- Heather T. (Los Angeles, CA) 

The espresso cocoa nibs are rather decadent which translates into damn good.
Just the right amount of espresso taste for me that wrapped around the deep rich
chocolate flavor.
- Chris N. (Los Angeles, CA) 

I daresay the little brownies are better than any brownie with gluten I think I've ever had.
- Anna F. (Los Angeles, CA)

Those chocolate nuggets are incredible.  I literally said, “Oh My God” when I tasted
them. Thank you so much for turning me on to such a great taste experience. 
Who needs Gluten?  Wow!!
- Jonathan F. (Santa Monica, CA)

I think the brownie bites were my favorite.  They were the perfect two-bite size. 
They are SO delicious I cannot believe they are gluten-free. 
- Stephanie P. (Los Angeles, CA) 

My girls LOVED everything... and couldn't believe that it was gluten-free!
– Julianna A. (Los Angeles, CA)

Yummmmmmmmmm. Your cookies are so GOOD....... blows the others away.
Thank you for the treat. I can taste the "love" you put into them.. Really delish!
– Michael A. (New York, NY)

YUMMMMMYYY!!!! OMGaawwddd!!!! Those are all so wonderful and then I
shared them here at the studio, and nobody could believe they were gluten-free!
I didn't tell them till after they tasted them.
- Ron B. (Kansas, MO)

My sister-in-law tried your brownie....I told her it was gluten-free and her response
was "oh, I don't think I'll like it."  I told her to go ahead and try it and she LOVED it!  
She ate the whole thing (well, what was left of the whole thing!)  She compared it to
Godiva, it was hard for her to describe how good it was and explain her thoughts!  
She couldn't stop raving and taking pleasure in eating it!  It was fun to watch!  
- Bobbie D. (Manhattan Beach, CA)

My wife and I received a box of Virtulas as a gift. I divided them. Equally. I ate 
a few of mine, and then put them in a safe place so I could eat them when I wanted. 
The next day, while I was watching TV, my wife walked into the room holding something. 
“Look at what I found!” she said, so innocently, holding my stash! “Do you want to share 
them with me?”
- Rick W. (Phoenix, AZ)

I gifted a friend and her husband with a box of the velvets. A few months later my friend
shared that the brownies were so delicious and she and her spouse couldn't believe they
were gluten-free! She asked about how to order some more, and then said under her breath,
"and don't tell my husband, he'll eat them all!"
- Marie A. (Los Angeles, CA)

 Your brownies are RIDICULOUS!!!  I have never in my life ....
- Robin K. (New York, NY)

Those mini brownies - omg! Oh man...I could make a diet of those alone!
Have you ever eaten at the Union Square Cafe or Gramercy Tavern? They serve
something that is "like that" but not nearly as good. 
- Ralph M (New York, NY)

The shortbread is delicious, short, crunchy, with a hint of vanilla and the perfect
amount of sugar for me, just the way shortbread is supposed to be. Having just one
was not enough for me, I kept eating them and had a hard time stopping myself.
You would never know that these are gluten-free. The little chocolate ''bites''are
very yummy too, really cute and very much brownie-like in texture and the perfect
balance of sweetness and deep, rich chocolate flavor. As rich as these are, it's hard
to stop yourself from just having one as well. 
- Lena B. (Los Angeles, CA) 

I remember ordering a box of the chocolate velvets planning to ship them to my cousin.
I loved the box so much I put it on my shelf in the dining room and then couldn't part
with it. Sure, I'm one of the many customers who loves to eat the cookies, but I may be
the only customer who has a box of petrified chocolate velvets by Virtula! (Yes, I still
have the box and uneaten contents.)
- Marie A. (Los Angeles, CA)



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